Book Your Wine Club Cruise With

And Experience


Enhanced Brand Awareness

Loyalty by Traveling with Customers

Exclusive Added Value to Wine Club Membership

Reduced Club Member Attrition

Acquisition of New Club Members

Earned Revenue for the Winery

FREE Travel for the Winery

Annual or Semi-Annual Event

Different Parts of the World


Total Travel Wine Cruises is your perfect Travel Partner for your Wine Club Cruises.  

Let our experience and passion for fantastic Wine Cruise Events take all the stress off you.



Total Travel Wine Cruise Will Do All the Work!

  • Book your choice of itineraries
  • Negotiate and Manage all the Cruise Contracts
  • Create flyers and website for your approval
  • Create banner for your tasting room (if applicable)
  • Manage all the bookings, payments, cabin selection, flights, pre or post-cruise hotels, transfers and travel insurance.
  • Manage all group amenitites.
  • Keep you informed with guest list updates.
  • Attend the cruise as a co-host for travel details 




All You Have To Do:

  • Chose your itinerary from anywhere in the world! 
  • You tell us where you want to go and we will formulate the trip around you!
  • Approve flyers and websites that we create for you
  • Send Email announcing the Cruise by inviting your members to join you.
  • Include provided flyers in your wine club shipments
  • Display Banner in your Tasting Room (if applicable)
  • Promote the Cruise at your Wine Events
  • Travel with your Wine Club & Relax and Have Fun!



For More Information Please Contact Us:   866-499-4074

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